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On December 31, 1999, we became grandparents for both the first and second time. Mike and Keri became parents of identical redheaded twin girls on the last day of the second millennium. Madalynn was born at 6:53pm and Morgan followed soon after at 7:05pm. Madalynn weighed in at 5# 14oz. and Morgan 5# 15oz. Both stood exactly eighteen inches tall.

Then, on July 21, 2005 at 4:00 pm, redheaded Courtney Jean joined the clan. She weighed 8# 6oz. and stood 21" tall.

Some of Our Favorite Photos

Past Photos

Fall 2002
Camping Flower girls
Morgan as flower girl Maddy & Dad @ wedding
Morgan @ OSU game Maddy @ OSU game
Morgan @ Pumpkin Patch Maddy @Pumpkin Patch
Future OSU Stars OSU Stars with sound (slow loading)

Easter 2003
Family Waiting for the Hunt Preparing for the hunt
Maddy Hunting Eggs Morgan Hunting Eggs
Maddy Morgan
Maddy Morgan
Morgan Morgan (cleaning up for the big girls)

Spring 2003
Morgan in tub Biker babe Morgan
In front of Fireplace Maddy in the tub
Rally Cap Girls Halfway to Bed

Morgan Sleeps through Breakfast Morgan Ready for Pre-School
Maddy Ready for Pre-School Morgan (l) & Maddy (r) @ Wallowa Lake
Maddy (l) & Morgan (r) @ Wallowa Lake  

Courtney's Birthday
With Mom & Dad Where are my clothes?
Peace at Last

Fall 2005
Sisters Morgan Kindergarten
Madalynn Kindergarten Courtney 2 1/2 months

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